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Videos On a Website?

This site uses bigvideo.js to place high resolution videos on a screen 'div' serving as the background.

But since that 100% screen ends up having a definable width based on the browser size, we can use that to create a slideshow! WEEEEE!

Anyway, these videos can either be silent and looping in the background or play through once with volume and controls and stuff. Click the buttons below to see the difference between the two.

But Why?

Aren't videos really big and hurtful to the feelings of people with slow internets? Oh yeah, and this site is no exception in that regard. People have monthly data plans smaller than the combined filesize of the videos you're watching here.

Thankfully, we speed up delivery a little bit by serving them directly instead of through a YouTube or Vimeo. And for those who presume to view the site on their mobile devices, we have an alternative mechanism in place you might have noticed.

The image above is the first frame from the video playing in the background. It's actually sitting on top of the video and only disappears when the video triggers a ready event. So in addition to a cool coming to life transition, people with slow connections are even more surprised because its a picture for much longer that suddenly turns into video.

Since videos don't auto play on touch devices (YET!) we use that same image as a replacement for the ambient videos. So mobile users just think you have a cool image slideshow background rather than wondering why there's a big play button on the page that they can't press.

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